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Fiber Laser Technology – Efficient and Affordable Laser Cutter

Fiber Laser Technology

China fiber laserWith the growing competition in the marketplace, manufacturers are constantly looking up to technology for more reliable, efficient, faster and economical solutions for manufacturing products. One of the technological invention that came as a boon for manufacturers is Lasers.

Lasers are one of the magnificent technologies that have various applications across many fields especially in the field of cutting technology. Laser cutters are machines that enable cutting of industrial materials with high precision. It works on the principle of lasers. Laser is an instrument or device that emits radiation of light through an intensive process of optical amplification. There are various kinds of laser cutters of which three are prominent- fiber laser cutters, CO2 laser cutters and Micro-jet/water-jet laser cutters.  One such China laser company among others is IEHK Laser.  I would get full details and find reviews because their machines are surprisingly cheap.  But, the offer co2, fiber, and a lot of really cheap systems.

Fiber laser technology

Fiber laser is an innovation of laser, which comprises of an active gain medium called optical fiber mixed with elements like erbium, dysprosium, thulium, holmium and ytterbium. One of the famous Fiber laser is Erbium-doped fiber laser. One of the reasons Erbium is used as a dope in fiber laser cutters is, its useful energy levels. Fiber laser cutter is based on fiber laser technology and they provide over-the-edge performance in the field of industrial cutting.  If you’re looking to buy and import a fiber laser from China be careful of the supplier.  In fact its best to just deal with a US based company and let them take care of you for your import and more importantly long term support.  The result will be a lot less time and money wasted over the long haul.  Example, see Bodor laser reviews as to what can potentially occur without US support.


Advantages of Fiber laser in Cutting Technology

Fiber laser technology has various advantages in the field of manufacturing mainly as high precision material cutters. Also, it has proven to be more efficient than the other types of laser cutters.



Fiber Laser is known for its stability. When we need to convey a laser shaft, we more often require an optical fiber to take it around securely. If not, the only option is to rebound it between mirrors and these should be finely adjusted. The major drawback of the traditional laser machines such as CO2 laser cutter is their sensitivity of getting knocked and going out of the alignment. Fiber laser cutters are known to generate a fine beam inside the fiber, in order to deliver hassle-free and non-sensitive beam. This ensures its stability and user-friendliness.  There are lot of companies reselling imported laser machines here in the USA.  Here’s GCC LaserPro based in Taiwan.


-High Beam Quality

The beam generated by the fiber laser cutters is tested to be of high quality. The beam is created and restricted inside a small core of the fiber. This mechanism ensures that the beam is straight, and that it can be centered on a little spot. Lasers efficiency for cutting is tested by the size of the beam dot. Tinier the dot, more efficient the laser beam is for cutting purposes. Fiber laser technology has beam quality ranging from single mode lasers to low order multitude lasers.



Since fiber lasers are made of fiber, they can be bent; spread and coiled in order to manage space or according to the convenience. Unlike CO2 lasers, there are no mirrors or any moving parts present in the fiber laser; thus, helping in reduction of its maintenance and operational costs.


-Low Input Power, High Output Power

Fiber lasers are proven to generate high output power. It converts 80% of its input power into high quality beam, with very less loss of energy. It utilizes energy to the maximum possible extent. This implies that it is best for low power consumption. Propagation of light by fiber laser cutter is estimated to be 200% more efficient than a conventional CO2 laser.


-High efficiency

The high efficiency of fiber laser technology enables clean and smooth cut edges and faster cutting speed. Also, it has a great efficiency in cutting reflective materials without any issues of back reflecting and thus, protecting the machine. Fiber lasers cutters can cut metals like copper, gold, silver, aluminum, brass or their alloys without any hassles than CO2 laser machine, as the laser beam is more steadily absorbed instead of being reflected. Fiber lasers are known to do a great job when it comes to cutting thin metals thinner than 2mm. Double interchangeable tables of fiber laser cutter, provide faster loading and unloading, thus, reducing downtime. This enables high cutting precision and efficiency.


-Easy-to-cool mechanism

Heat allows materials to change their optical properties, thus, giving out poor quality of beam. So, the fibers of Fiber laser cutters are quite long. Hence, the heat energy is uniformly spread across the length of the wire. This ensures that the fibers are not getting heated, thus protecting the fibres and loss of energy.



The properties of Fiber laser cutters such as very high temperature and vibrational stability helps in its extended life expectancy and low cost operational maintenance. Fiber laser cutters are estimated to have a life expectancy of more than two times than that of a CO2 laser cutter. Unlike CO2 laser cutters, fiber laser cutters do not need any laser gas to function. Hence, these features make Fiber Laser cutters reliable over any other laser technology.


-Low running costs

On daily basis, the operational costs of fiber lasers are analyzed and estimated to be 50% cheaper than that of CO2 lasers machines.



The panels of CO2 laser machines are usually made up of inexpensive polycarbonate and are easily replaceable over a period of time, whereas, the panels on Fiber lasers are made up of high-technology materials. The panels in fiber lasers must not be replaced by polycarbonate, as plastics are permeable to laser beams.  One such company has had reported laser safety issues see FS Laser reviews here.


-Tube Cutting

With the advancement in the field of automobile manufacturing, 3-D cutting has become more prominent and vital for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. With advanced use of high tensile strength steel like 22mnB5, laser-cutting technology is the only technology that satisfies the needs to costs, cutting -speed and cut quality. Cutting of high strength steel demands for high cutting speeds of more than 10 m/ min, which requires high dynamic machine concepts and exceptional brilliant laser sources. Fibre laser cutters works in this thickness.

Fibre lasers cutting technology provides exceptional performance and control over pulse-width, stability, power and beam quality. Since laser beam of fibre laser cutter does not have any physical presence, it ensures that it does not make any contact with the material. Hence, it does not create any kind of unwanted force that might bend any part or cause flexion. In this competitive domain of manufacturing, fibre laser technology is very dominant for high speed and low cost cutting.

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